New Year and a new addition to ChopperPapa – RetroRewind

I love music, if given the choice between never watching TV again or never listening to music I’d immediately ditch television (I virtually have, but that’s for another time).

One of my small joys in life is hearing a song I haven’t heard in forever and blurting out the traditional  “Oh, I love this song!” or “I haven’t heard this in years!” I think one of the greatest qualities about music is its ability to take us to another place in time. Maybe it’s to a better place or somewhere better left forgotten. Either way songs have the power to illicit emotions unlike any other medium.

Born in 1970, I was fortunate to have grown up during a time when music had just started to break old molds and was moving into genres that we now call ‘classic rock’, ‘R&B’, ‘Hip-Hop’, and ‘Rap’.  Having played saxophone in high school I gained a sincere appreciation for jazz and classical music that remains to this day. As a child my mom always had the radio on and I can trace my love of soul directly to her. Even now EWF’s September still reminds me of her dancing in the kitchen . Music is so ingrained in my life that when I am in my house there is a 99% chance that some form of music will be playing in the background.

As a new addition to ChopperPapa, I will begin a weekly highlight songs that become my favorites while growing up. Some songs you may have on your I-Pod and others you may not have heard in forever.

NOTE –  this post really only works with READER PARTICIPATION. So if you love the song and it takes you back then tell me about it. Or if you hate it and would rather have nails driven into your ears, you can let me know that too.

I call it RetroRewind (say that three times fast) and it’s my way of showing love for the music that made me and a generation.

PS — I know this has nothing to do with fatherhood, dating, or divorce but I like it so humor me. And just as fair warning, this may seem uber-lame if you think that Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have the best music ever made, or you’re under the age of 30.

This inaugural tune has been a personal favorite from the first time I heard it, and reminds me of Friday nights with the family riding from Clarksville Tennessee after going to dinner and maybe the mall. It just never gets old.

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9 responses to New Year and a new addition to ChopperPapa – RetroRewind

  1. Danielle

    Love that song. I used to rollerskate in my girlfriends basement to it. I was just trying to find the Little River band yesterday on my phone for a ring tone!

  2. This has always been one of my favorites. I think everyone has a story of this song and roller skates.

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