For Love or Money: Why I blog.

I’ve been known to posses a vivid imagination. I became a skillful master after several years of wowing crowds of thousands with my slashing guitar solos and vocal reverberations. I had a throng of groupies and a fan club of millions with my own line of action figures. I lived a rock star life, as long I was standing in front of my bedroom mirror.

Today the stage has moved from the looking glass to my steering wheel.
And if I’m in the right frame of mind and that certain song hits the air-waves it’s not surprising to catch me putting it down next to you at a red-light. This inspiration has sparked ideas that, if followed through on, could have landed me on easy street or maybe debtors prison. But being a risk avers
e “D” Personality I dismiss most of these notions as quickly as they pop into my head. For example, there was my idea of putting a laundry-mat and a bar in the same place and calling it “Soap and Suds”, then there was the nail salon with a martini bar and naming it “Cocktails and Cuticles”. (Why both of these ideas included alcohol is for another post). But the idea of actually putting forth the financial resources or scrounging up the money some other way was more risk and work than I really wanted to exert. So now they make for good conversation fodder and little more.

Ignorance, thank goodness, is a blissful thing. When I devised my grandiose scheme to create a blog on single fatherhood I was certain that my idea was totally original and soon after publishing my first post it would only be a matter of hours before my phone rang with Oprah on the other end offering to bump Lady Ga-Ga to interview the single biker dad. That was six months ago and as of this post my phone still hasn’t rang.

My freshman year at Blog University has been a sublime learning experience. I’ve started to figure my way around campus and have learned what places and nights of the week have $.25 beer. I’ve come across bloggers who seem to write for the pure enjoyment caring less about how many readers they have, and I’ve also perused those bloggers who will do virtually anything to grab some attention including pose near nude pictures of themselves for a comment. Then there are those apparent successful bloggers who have developed a following that relishes four-letter words, mockery of spouses, and lamentations of how inconvenient children are to their social life with a roaring chorus from readers of “Amen!”, “Me too!” and “You go girl!”.

It dawned on me pretty early on that because I wasn’t a female, or slightly psychotic, and drama free I’d probably never be able to make blogging a full-time job. Which meant that if I was going to continue at this it would be a hobby just like riding motorcycles or SCUBA diving. Blogging has become just that, I do it simply because I love to write (which would astonish my 9th grade english teacher), enjoy sharing my thoughts with any reader who will take the time, I  delight in making people think and take pleasure in sharing my experiences with others. And if all else fails, my kids will have countless ways to make fun of their old man later in life.

As I write this I know that I originally got into the blogging business for the wrong reasons. I was hoping for popularity, readers, and maybe a few bucks. It’s been said that the majority of new bloggers bail out after 90 days. I think that points to the fact that they too had the wrong expectations going in and when the readers weren’t coming and advertisers didn’t beat a path to their door, they decided it wasn’t worth their time. Had I stayed there I would have probably bailed out to.

I’ve come to see ChopperPapa as an extension of myself, just like a painting is piece of the artist, my blog is a representation of who I am and more importantly who I hope to become. And who knows, maybe Oprah will get wind of this before her show winds down and have me on her finale. Stop laughing…it could happen! (Didn’t I tell you I had a vivid imagination?)

Blogger note: This was my entry into a contest of a fellow blogger. Memoirs of a Single Dad. His request was to answer the question: For Love or Money: Which Motivates You the Most to Blog?

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23 responses to For Love or Money: Why I blog.

  1. Love it! Keep on truckin, CP. (Or ridin’ as the case may be…. or writing?)

    Anyway, good stuff. And for the record, there are a few laundry/bars around here. Including one named aptly, “Bar of Soap”. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading that! First time visiting your blog and am going to browse around 🙂 Good luck with the contest. I entered too 🙂

  3. Thanks Angelina for stopping by and taking a moment to say hello. Will stop by and check yours out as well.

  4. Yeah, I have seen several over the years. I don’t see myself as a laundry person, besides doing my own…:-)

  5. How about a bar next to a daycare called “Raising the Bar”? (cue record screech sound, and yeah, I know…terrible humor) 😀

    Keep writing though, you’re good and I like to read your stuff.

  6. Anonymous

    Great thinking, as usual ChopperPapa.

  7. I was the same way! I was hoping I could make a living doing this. I read Gary Vaynerchuck(it’s a good read if you haven’t already) and thought I could pour my soul into this and be hugely famous. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Along with being a SAHD blogger, I have to be a SAHD first and foremost! It drains me(plus my illness doesn’t help) to the point that I often don’t feel like blogging at night. Don’t feel alone in your expectations, I was right there with you, and I still am.

  8. Thanks Jack, that means a lot coming from someone such as yourself who has far more experience than I do.

  9. Dennis, fortunately I’ve come down in my expectations to hoping that I don’t offend anyone and get a few people to thinking. If I can do that then I’d consider it all a success

    Here is to your improved health.

  10. I never doubted for a second that you were just doing it to get on Oprah! Aren’t we all?

  11. Well, I’m with you — I can count the followers on my hand and I still continue to type, soooo….I guess I do it for the love of writing, not for anything else.

    I’ve contemplated quitting so many times, especially early on, but then, once I got over the hump of “I’m not here to be popular”, I just wrote more freely and without stress.

    After a year and a half, everything’s where it should be.

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