ChopperCouture has finally arrived!

During my dating days I lived by a saying…

“If I dress better than she does, it isn’t going to work”

I’m a heterosexual-motorcycle riding-dude who likes fashion. Whether that means going full out in business attire or just hitting switches and taking the bike out for a night on the town, I always like to look the part.

When I was around 13 years old Miami Vice was all the rage. Crockett (Don Johnson) was the 80’s version of Brad Pitt. Every man wanted to be him and every woman wanted to be with him and the show ushered in a new fashion sense for men. Crockett and Tubbs made it cool for guys to wear light-colored  linens with loafers and no socks and live on boats with pet alligators. The most notable fashion statement was no doubt the t-shirt and jacket ensemble.

It’s a result of this show that I realized boys could wear something other than jeans and sneakers. I hounded my mom to buy me an outfit that would have made Crockett proud. A pair of white cotton/polyester pants with a blue strip down the leg and the white jacket. Ever since then I’ve always been known as a trendy dresser.

I’d like to introduce our signature line of ChopperPapa T’s. This is a limited edition, so when I make it big you can sell it on ebay for millions. The T’s are 100% lightweight cotton American Apparel that come in men’s and women’s. The shirts are extremely durable. I have washed mine at least five times and it looks the same as it did new.

And here’s the best part! You can’t buy them because I’m giving them away for free. Go to the ChopperCouture webpage for all the details.


ChopperPapa T’s at a local Atlanta Boutique


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13 responses to ChopperCouture has finally arrived!

  1. Anonymous

    Do me a favor, come up with a wardrobe for me. I know nothing about clothes. My women dress me. Sometimes I think they make me wear stuff as a joke.

    I think I like your style, but then again, I’m too stupid about fashion to know.

  2. Bring your checkbook and meet me at Discover Mills. Give me an two hours and you’ll be looking like the shizz…

  3. Random Girl!

    Oh can we do an extreme makeover???? That would be awwwwwesome! 

  4. Kyle Bradford – Author

    BPS…I’d love to send you a t-shirt. I have about four left (all smalls, maybe a medium). Direct mail me your address and size and I’ll get you one next week.

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