RetroRewind: This redneck can dance

The 2012 'RetroBaby'

To eliminate any confusion, I must make one thing perfectly clear. At no time, ever, have I possessed what 90’s West Coast rappers oft referred to as ‘game’. And I’m not talking about basketball or a handicap. I am alluding to that rare commodity of picking up, talking to, or scoring with women.

Maybe it was my upbringing as a redneck, the son of a Southern Baptist deacon, or maybe the only girls I kept company with were my sister and cousins. Regardless, by the time I hit my senior year of high school I had gone on one official date in my entire life. Yet what I lacked in the love department I more than made up for on a dance floor, for some unimaginable reason I have always been able to dance.

I’m good.

Like Vanilla Ice good.

My hometown is roughly 40 miles from Nashville, Tennessee. In the late 80’s Nashville was already well established as the country music capital of the world, if by country music you mean honky tonking, beer drinking, whiner songs instead of this crossover country/teeny bop crap of today that makes me embarrassed to say I’m from the state.

But I digress.

The city was trying to build up a new image for itself and had recently opened its first super mall in an outlying suburb. The onslaught of pedestrian traffic paved the way for new restaurants, bars, and the only dance club catering to the 18 and over crowd.

No less than a dozen of us piled into a few cars one Friday night and made the trip to the Beach Club for what we believed was a legitimate night out. Upon arriving in the parking lot I just knew I had died and went to heaven. I now understood why there were no girls on my dirt road – the all lived in Nashville.

For the next two or so hours I danced, grooved, moon walked, break danced, and jammed with every possible girl I could find. In one moment of sheer teenage bliss, I remember dancing on the stage with a random girl to this week’s RetroRewind.

There’s not a time since where this wasn’t playing that I didn’t bring back that night in 1988 when I went to my first club.

The song needs no introduction – if you were born after 1965 you’ve surely ‘Pushed It” yourself – I mean it’s a song “only for the sexy people”

Enjoy today’s RetroRewind – I’ll be over here throwin’ down.

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5 responses to RetroRewind: This redneck can dance

  1. Man, that song reminds me of my freshman year of college. They played that at every fraternity party.

  2. Hahahahah! My sister had that cassette! I remember pushing it alot with Sistah J. Thanks for the memories!
    PS We lived in Franklin, TN for a while….LOVED it!

  3. Man, this post brought me back down memory lane. Coincidentally, Salt-N-Pepa are to perform together again soon, I think, in NYC. There was a “Living Social” deal this week about a performance with an ugly sweather theme (we did wear some awful looking sweaters in the 80s). Wish you had your “moves” on video! But, the walk down Memory Lane with the Salt-N-Pepa video was terrific. Holla to the “sexy people”! LOL!

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