Kid’s these days – my radio interview on dating and being a single dad

I could never have imagined that the dating adventure that I would begin after my marriage ended would eventually lead to sharing those escapades with the world. If you’re a single parent, and you haven’t found out yet, dating ain’t what it used to be prior to kids. If you’ve never juggled before – start practicing.

The  things to consider are almost endless. I’ve sat in business planning sessions that didn’t involve the number of nuances dating does when you’re a mommy or daddy. Besides the obvious factors, there are things like “when should I introduce the kids?” , “how much time should all of us spend together?”, the list can go on and on.  I was recently asked by the Producers of Kids These Days, a weekly radio program about kids and families in Anchorage Alaska  to talk about what it’s like to be a single parent, particularly a dad, and date.

We covered a lot of ground during our hour together including how to date when your kids are dating, the best ways to introduce a new love interest, teens and dating, plus the proper use of brownies in finding Mr. Right.  I was joined by Ashley M. Barrera, a marital and family therapist in Anchorage who holds master’s of science in human development and family studies from Iowa State University and in private practice.

Here is the entire program which aired on Public Radio Station KSKA in Anchorage and other stations throughout the state.

I want to thank Shana Sheehy, Sarah Gonzales, and the entire team at KSKA for allowing me to be a part of the program and Amanda Scott at WABE in Atlanta for her hospilatity in the use of their studios.

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3 responses to Kid’s these days – my radio interview on dating and being a single dad

  1. AMB

    Ashley’s advice was incorrect.
    Thank you for correcting her poor advice, and for being such a lovely speaker Chopper Papa.
    This was a great show, and I’m glad that someone knowledgeable (you) was on there to share your stories.

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