Ask Papa – The best way to deal with a deadbeat dad


This is the start of a new series I’m calling, ‘Ask Papa’. I get lots of emails looking for advice and I usually answer them with a blog post or will just send a reply email. But I’m going to do something new. With ‘Ask Papa’ I will be taking these emails and answering them in a new series if short videos.

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2 responses to Ask Papa – The best way to deal with a deadbeat dad

  1. batticus

    Couldn’t agree more, kids that young need routine not parachute emotions. I would add one suggestion, to preserve her sanity, she should only allow reintroduction of the father once a year during the summer say. This way, she has a scheduled time for it that is in the future each year and it accepts that she cannot know if he is serious about it but gives him time to prepare to man up and her time to prepare for possible failure.

    The issue of being up to date with child support should also enter the equation, this reflects discipline and commitment to his kids that can be a precursor to reintroduction.

  2. Jeremy

    Why not talk about moms who keep kids from their father. Is there a term called Deadbeat Mom?

    For example, why is it a stay at home mom can constantly dictate when a dad gets to see his kids and change the dates and times so she can have them participate in activities or hang out with her friends over time with dad. Yes this stuff all sorts out in court but absent violence etc, you do not get an emergency court date to see your kids.

    For 10 months, my ex has decided I can see the kids 4 overnight visits a month and changes the day of the week I can see them for 2 hrs from monday to tuesday etc depending on what stupid activity she wants them to sign up for at the same time, all at my expense. Requests for a specific date and more time to see them are rebuffed. I was allowed to see my kids one week during the summer.

    While there is so much more to it, I think there needs to be analysis and penalties for women who make clear attempts to alienate young kids from their father while demanding money constantly because they know that getting a final determination on custody can take quite a long time.

    Kids may need a schedule, but it is one that involves equal time with their dad, not one determined by an angry bitter woman who uses kids as a tool to destroy her ex emotionally because he chose to leave a horrible marriage.

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