Ask Papa – The One Question Every Single Parent Must Ask Before Dating Someone New


In this episode of ‘Ask Papa’, I answer an email from a father calling himself Wonderful Dad who is looking for advice on how to handle a problem is having with his new girlfriend. His story provide the perfect illustration of why every single parent must ask this one question before they start dating someone new.


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2 responses to Ask Papa – The One Question Every Single Parent Must Ask Before Dating Someone New

  1. This is such an interesting perspective and one I never considered. I’m the woman who dates the single dads and gives a lot of thought to what kind of a stepmother I’m going to be. I love kids and I would love to find myself in a situation where the guy I’m with has kids. But the one thing that has always been difficult for me with my own stepparents is that they seemed to consider themselves a part of the family right away – and never gave me time alone with the parent they were involved with. I always thought it would be a huge gift to make sure that the guy I’m with and his kids get quality time without me, and it makes me wonder if this isn’t “Girlfriend of Wonderful Dad’s” thinking, as well.

  2. Kyle Bradford – Author

    Maia, interesting feedback, and thanks! You’re spot on that the parent and children need quality time. But I didn’t get that from Wonderful Dad. There is a huge difference between allowing for that parenting bond and avoiding it altogether. I believe that Wonderful Dad recognizes that Girlfriend is in the latter group. I think she isn’t comfortable with the ‘step mom’ role.

    Thanks again for your comment.

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