A Chronicle from the Kids’ Table

The kid's table In all the world is there anything more dehumanizing than the ‘kids table’? That act of familial segregation matched in its totality only by the Lord Almighty’s separation of the tribes during the building the Babylon tower.

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Parenting And The Importance Of Unimportant Moments

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA If we want to take this job of parenting with any hope of seriousness we must accept this fact. No matter how well intentioned, dedicated, and focused we are, our children’s clearest moments and brightest memories, those with the most lasting influence, good or bad, will likely happen during times we would consider least important.

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Deadbeat Dads And The Women Who Still Love Them


Shortly after I started this website I wrote an article that remains one of the most clicked, most read, most shared. In that post, A Manifesto On Absent Fathers, I take behind the woodshed single and divorced dads who abandon their financial responsibilities, then offer up an extra-hot serving of contempt for the ones who walk away from their kids altogether. In the concluding paragraphs of that piece I write,

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