He Loves Another But Abandons His Own

Father Abandons his childrenWhy is it some men don’t want their own children but are willing to raise another woman’s kids? This was the question asked by a confused, frustrated, and justifiably angry mother. One can hear and appreciate her resentment. Why does this father love another’s, but abandons his own? It is a worthy question, and I will attempt an equal response.

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Porn, Your Kids, And Our Insanity

teenage porn
Most parents rank the ‘sex talk’ about equal to public speaking on the list of things most dreaded in life. Few moments are more unsettling-for the parent and the child. But adding teenage porn use to that discussion brings a new ‘ick’ to the conversation.

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Sins Of The Father

Sins Of The Father“Dad? Am I a good person?”
“I think so, I know so, yes.”
“Will – will that help me when things get really rough?”
“It’ll help.”
“That’s not good enough, Dad.”

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