The Four Horsemen Of Your Second Marriage – Conflict

Four Horsemen - Conflict How a couple deals with relationship conflict may be the single best measure to the success of that relationship. The reason is simple; it’s those raw moments that typically reveal who we are as individuals, and as couples. We can’t hide harsh tempers or judgmental natures, sharp tongues or condescending attitudes in the midst of severe and passionate disagreements.

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The Four Horsemen Of Your Second Marriage – Complacency

Second Marriage ComplacencyPerhaps our greatest notoriety, as a couple, is the Queen’s and my perpetual wandering. Our social media timelines often resemble a vacation brochure of sorts depicting our travels near and far. More than once a stranger has walked up to me at the gym or on the street claiming to know me from the Queen’s Facebook  page and a picture of she and I before some tropical or majestic canvas.

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The Four Horsemen Of Your Second Marriage – Cash

Four Horsemen of your Second Marriage - Cash To say I’m a ‘money man’ is a tragic understatement. Not because I have a great deal of the stuff, you understand, but because I’m quite good at doing with what little I possess. This wasn’t always so. I received a trifling of financial advice from my parents and during high school I chose a dead language over learning to balance a checkbook.

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