Christmas, Complicated

Christmas Complicated

Christmas is complicated; you don’t need me telling you this. But the reasons are more meaningful than navigating traffic, fighting malls, and dreading credit card bills. Things get complicated during the holiday season because whatever seems wrong about our lives, our families, children, or relationships becomes quickened, concentrated, and inescapable.

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Little Husbands

emotional inscest A single friend was asked about her dating life. With complete sincerity she said there was no reason to date. She honestly didn’t need a man because, ‘I have my son. He gives me everything I need’.

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The First Day Of The Best Of His Life

the first day of the best of his lifeAge brings rolling avalanches of sentimentality. As the days in the rear view begin outnumbering those in the windshield, one starts feeling the draw of former things. For me this is most acute for anything to do with college. While some didn’t enjoy their college experience, though I don’t know a single one, for me it remains perhaps the most memorable four years of my life.

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Turning The Page

Turning the PageI chose it for the right reasons. It was close enough to my children but far enough from their mother. I would never mow a lawn or lay pine straw again. The rich onyx of the granite and doors gave off a masculine vibe sorely lacking in the others. But most important of all perhaps, it was new – symbolic of the life I was to begin.

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