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    Commitment Is Overrated

    As the cultural war on marriage continues, barrages of white-hot contempt are released with every new celebrity divorce and Beltway sex scandal. Yet the critics of marriage, those considering it a biological illusion and social imposition because 50% end in failure, don’t take their argument to its obvious and tragic conclusion. While many sociologists and […]

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    The resurrection of a deadbeat dad

    I’m beside myself with anger, frustration and fear. My ex was an abusive man – emotionally, verbally, physically, and financially ruined both our one son and myself. The courts deemed him unfit to see his child without supervision. Eventually, he gave it up, never paid a nickel in support and signed as not wanting visitation […]

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    The characteristics of a great boyfriend

    There are several characteristics that distinguish my relationship with the Queen from every other – including my former marriage.  The most significant of these is an awareness to the role I play in it. What I mean is this, she and I have dated for almost five years and during that time I have worked […]

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    Forgiveness isn’t about them, it’s about you

    One of my more insidious character faults is a knack for holding grudges. Revenge isn’t necessarily my taste; I’m far too insecure for such defiance. Strategic spite is more my flavor. Instead of removing your eye I prefer to irritate it; being diplomatically busy, acting a jerk at the most inopportune time, conveniently forgetting every […]

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    The conquering fool: why men change after marriage

    There isn’t a great deal I remember from my wedding. The ceremony was held at a quaint hotel in Central Jersey and included an open bar, gourmet menu, adequate DJ, and a hundred or so family and close friends. The clergy was a gay Greenwich Village therapist who moonlighted as a Rabbi. We had hoped […]

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    Keeping dry the torches of evil passions: children and sexual purity

    I lost my virginity at nineteen. By modern standards that’s disturbingly puritanical.  It’s even more alarming when one considers that my sexual education was a fifteen-minute film during the 7th grade featuring animated penises and a cartoon vagina. This speedy entrance is nothing I’m overly ashamed of though I don’t shout it from the church […]

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    Abortion and the failure of men

    He was freaking. His future had vanished in a puff of disposable diapers and sleepless nights. Their relationship, ornamental by nature, was at it’s best quid pro quo. It was the view of each other’s material advantages that kept the romance going. The sex was good but not ‘death do us part’ good. There was […]

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