The Body and Soul Of A Man With Tony Rezac

Tony Rezac is a husband, father, writer, men’s movement leader, and author of the new book, Body and Soul, The Essential Handbook for Men. In this episode we discuss the importance of men’s work, men’s groups, and the fact that if men want to reach their full potential in this life, the can’t live this life all by themselves.

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Book Review: ‘Fielder’s Choice’ with J Mark Hart

J. Mark Hart is the author of this coming of age novel, Fielder’s Choice. Set in one of the most highly charged atmospheres in the twentieth century – the deep south in the late 60’s –  it’s the story of how one boy, Brad Williams, comes to grips with the realities of racial equality, the Vietnam war, young love, family tradition, manhood, and finding his own identity.

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Suddenly Solo, Sex, and Dating with Hal Spielman

Hal Spielman is the co-founder of the website SuddenlySolo and the author of the book Suddenly Solo – A lifestyle roadmap for the mature widowed or divorced man. A widower himself, Hal has turned his own passion and experience towards helping other men reenter the dating world after years and often decades of being ‘off the market’.

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