Fatherhood Wide Open


What makes a good man, loving father, and honorable husband? As fathers, how can we really know we are having a positive impact in our children’s lives? These are just a few of the many questions men and fathers should be asking themselves, and more importantly, each other. These are also some of the many questions other men are trying to answer.

The Internet has given voice to a generation of men who are not just loving their partners, raising their children, and influencing their communities, they are writing about their journey’s for the rest of the world to read. These are men who are thinking deeply and writing intelligently on what it means to be a man and father in the 21st century.

Fatherhood Wide Open was created as a way to bring these writers and thinkers together for conversation around the issues facing fatherhood and masculinity today – conversations that don’t usually take place in sports bars or gym locker rooms.

Fatherhood Wide Open is a audio program dedicated to intelligent conversation about a wide open range topics all men and fathers face with those who are thinking deeply and writing intelligently on them. It’s a program whose mission is to get us all to think more deeply about our own fatherhood journeys and in the end spark some new and different conversations in our individual circles of influence.

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