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    Casting Crowns: Behind Our Sexual Double Standard

    When it comes to our sex lives, a double standard still exists between men and women. It‘s an ancient hypocrisy; the only distinctions that seperate us from our great grandparents are language and degree. Hypersexual has replaced fornication, while whore and jezebel are terms of endearment and magazine titles. One night stands are the modern […]

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    Six Steps To Saying, ‘I’m Sorry’

    Each of us, and by us I’m referring mostly to men, struggle with, “I’m sorry.” There’s something in our Y-chromosome that winces at the idea, like every episode of last season’s Game of Thrones; it clashes with our macho self-image and mucks with our grizzly woodland sensibilities. Real men, so we think, shouldn’t need to […]

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    He Said She Said: Dating, Marriage, and the Danger of Expectations

    In this episode of He Said She Said, Laura and I talk about the danger of expectations. And how out expectations, especially those that come from painful events in past relationships, are usually the same ones that damage our future relationships.  

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    Rewriting The Language Of Love

    I’ve  decided to eliminate a word from my vocabulary; up to the point, at least, I start sounding like a NYC taxi driver. It isn’t a curse word; most vulgarity, when closely observed, comes in four letter combinations, this one is only three. Its history, from what scholars can tell, dates back to the 10th […]

  • Ask Papa: Should I wait to date a single dad?

      In this episode of Ask Papa, I answer an email from Callie who is wondering if she should wait for her boyfriend – a single dad – while he takes care of his kids?  

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    The Disease Called Boy

    I always had a bit of uncertainty about being a father; even during my inebriated twenties I understood the buzz kill children could regularly become. But while my leaning fluttered between surrender, after a baby shower (which those for couples should be strictly forbidden), and mortal fear at the sight of friends’ mundane sleep deprived […]

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    The Necessity of Regret

    Regret, it may be said, is one unavoidable we spend our lives trying to avoid. We’re not very good at it; an industry of pills, potions, and prescriptions has risen from the ash heap of those consumed by past mistakes. And each of us will look back in our old age at the sunset of […]

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