He Came To Himself

REMBRANDT_the_Prodigal_Son - He Came To Himself‘But when he came to himself’ Luke 15:17

I can still remember when it happened, where I was, what I wore, and what I was doing when it all went sideways. No time or distance will erase the mark left when everything changed, the moment I came to myself.

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Re-Life: If I Had To Do Divorce Over Again

If I had to do divorce over again

I’ve often thought what I might do differently if I could go back ten years, to that November night when my then-wife declared, ‘This isn’t working out. I want a divorce.’ If I knew what I know today, what might have been different in the weeks and months that followed?

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Marriage Outwardly

Marriage OutwardlyIt’s one thing to be married; it’s quite another to act married. The two are different as the sun from the rain. In a similar way that becoming a father is a thoughtless biological impulse, to act a daddy is sacrificial, spiritual, and above all meaningful.

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Christmas, Complicated

Christmas Complicated

Christmas is complicated; you don’t need me telling you this. But the reasons are more meaningful than navigating traffic, fighting malls, and dreading credit card bills. Things get complicated during the holiday season because whatever seems wrong about our lives, our families, children, or relationships becomes quickened, concentrated, and inescapable.

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Little Husbands

emotional inscest A single friend was asked about her dating life. With complete sincerity she said there was no reason to date. She honestly didn’t need a man because, ‘I have my son. He gives me everything I need’.

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