Why I’m Thankful For My Divorce

beautiful blue clouds cloudscape Favim.com 1727228 Why I’m Thankful For My Divorce It’s natural to look for silver linings. To search out the tiniest good in what seems an ocean of hopelessness is evidence of God’s handiwork in our very humanity. That is a wonderful thing; without it would make for a miserable existence.

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The Danger Of Indifference

adventure amazing beautiful earth Favim.com 2129532 The Danger Of Indifference“What has he done, though?…He looked at me with a cold, severe expression. Of course that is something indefinable, impalpable, but it has never been so before, and that glance means a great deal,” she thought. “That glance shows the beginning of indifference.” – Anna Karenina 

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A Chronicle from the Kids’ Table

Vintage Photos from Thanksgivings Past 9 A Chronicle from the Kids TableIn all the world is there anything more dehumanizing than the ‘kids table’? That act of familial segregation matched in its totality only by the Lord Almighty’s separation of the tribes during the building the Babylon tower.

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