When Kids Choose Custody

Kids Choose CustodyIt’s been a tool of intimidation and means of control ever since divorce, custody, and visitation replaced love, honor, and commitment. It’s the dark fear of some and the angelic hope of others. Fantasized by many; dreaded by many more. It’s that day circled on nearly every divorced parent’s calendar when the law says kids can choose their custody.

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He Came To Himself

REMBRANDT_the_Prodigal_Son - He Came To Himself‘But when he came to himself’ Luke 15:17

I can still remember when it happened, where I was, what I wore, and what I was doing when it all went sideways. No time or distance will erase the mark left when everything changed, the moment I came to myself.

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Re-Life: If I Had To Do Divorce Over Again

If I had to do divorce over again

I’ve often thought what I might do differently if I could go back ten years, to that November night when my then-wife declared, ‘This isn’t working out. I want a divorce.’ If I knew what I know today, what might have been different in the weeks and months that followed?

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