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    Six Steps To Saying, ‘I’m Sorry’

    Each of us, and by us I’m referring mostly to men, struggle with, “I’m sorry.” There’s something in our Y-chromosome that winces at the idea, like every episode of last season’s Game of Thrones; it clashes with our macho self-image and mucks with our grizzly woodland sensibilities. Real men, so we think, shouldn’t need to […]

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    Rewriting The Language Of Love

    I’ve  decided to eliminate a word from my vocabulary; up to the point, at least, I start sounding like a NYC taxi driver. It isn’t a curse word; most vulgarity, when closely observed, comes in four letter combinations, this one is only three. Its history, from what scholars can tell, dates back to the 10th […]

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    Commitment Is Overrated

    As the cultural war on marriage continues, barrages of white-hot contempt are released with every new celebrity divorce and Beltway sex scandal. Yet the critics of marriage, those considering it a biological illusion and social imposition because 50% end in failure, don’t take their argument to its obvious and tragic conclusion. While many sociologists and […]

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    Trading gold for dust – thoughts on the decision to divorce

    I was recently asked to offer a few words of encouragement for an old friend considering a new direction. She wants to leave her husband; her reasons are justifiable yet she hesitates to take the first step. She stays, contemplating, ruminating, and investigating – paralysis by analysis. She doesn’t want to make a rash decision; […]

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  • A Girl Of A Different Kind

    My father never offered his advice about girls, though I understand he was moderately popular with them; and after thirty years of marriage you think he’d have something valuable to say. He never spoke about the secret of his marital success or how to make relationships work. He never shared that a woman’s character and […]

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    Why He Became The Perfect Man – After Your Relationship Ended

    There are generally two ways to get someone’s attention, tickle them with a feather or drop an anvil on their head. The biggest factor in which method to use isn’t our gender, age, or intellect – it’s our heart. Wherever our priorities go so goes our focus. The lower we value a thing the more […]

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    Blood is thicker than a marriage certificate

    AS THE QUEEN and I move another step towards our second, and God willing, last marriage, I can’t help but reflect on the couple we’ve become and consider the changes that will inevitably follow after we exchange vows and begin our life as husband and wife. While a bit unromantic, it is irresponsible and foolish […]

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